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Palette Cake
encaustic and mixed media on wood, 18"H x 14"W
One only: $1,400.00

Novelty cakes are edible puns. My Palette cake is as much about this body of work as it is about the delicious process of painting.

I paint cakes and party favors to celebrate. My first painted cake was for my Motherís 80th birthday in Philadelphia. I traveled from Seattle to attend the party, but didnít have time to bake a cake in Philly. (Anyway, my mother doesnít own any baking equipment.) So I decided to paint a cake, and make it the size of a cake, so that I could travel with it.

The paintings can be hung individually or as an installation varying size and shape.





This painting is made with encaustic paint, a wax-based medium, so keep it away from the heat!